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Importance of a Personalized Service in Matchmaking

When I traveled a couple of days ago from San Diego,CA to Baltimore,MD by Southwest Airlines, in their inflight magazine, an article with a title "Dating Unplugged" attracted my attention.

The article talks of a person who gets married to a girl through an online dating company, which arranged dates. Even in USA, where there are unlimited opportunities for mixing of boys & girls in clubs, pubs & so on, a need is felt of a real person on your side helping you to find the right partner, says the article.

Such a privilege of personalized service is available to members of, who register and login and who take initiatives by proactively contacting their matches rather than waiting for the others to make the first move.

The world, the technology & the opportunities available through Social Media & internet is changing the lifestyle of current generation to levels which we never imagined during our younger days. Gone are those days, when boys & girls were shy to talk to one another, leave alone dating. Today, thanks to Internet & matrimonial websites, boys & girls get an exposure to the profiles & pictures of many prospective matches, a privilege which never existed during our younger days.

Talking of pictures, PICTURES = GREAT RESPONSE. So, if you want any response, you should display your photos without any delay.

Dear Meetmatch Members, please login more often & spend time to search suitable profiles which attract you and take initiatives directly or through our personalized service available to Members & get settled in life at the right time, before it is too late.

More the marriages, more happy we at Meetmatch will be. What are you waiting for? Just drop a line to or through WhatsApp on +1619 325 9592 as to how we can help you in a better way.

God bless you!


Suresh Rao

MEETMATCH VLOG - September 2018

This month onwards I will be putting up a Video Blog, in short a Vlog of So here's the first Meetmatch Vlog. Enjoy!


Suresh Rao


How to Search Your Perfect Life-Partner through Meetmatch

Every one wants an ideal partner from his/her perspective.
How should one go about the searching process? There are a few parameters in the process.

1.Open Minded Search

Here one should look at ALL communities. Not confine to just one community. The advantage is that one gets a much wider choice in terms of numbers to choose from.

2.Physical Appeal

It is important for the Bride/Groom to like each other's personalities. Since first impression is the last impression, it is advisable to display your best photo.
Secondly one should listen to the heart rather than to what the brain tells.

3. Mental Compatibility

This depends on the “Values" cherished by the potential partner. It requires to and fro communication. It is good to start with email. Gradually, the two of you can exchange cell numbers to text and finally talk to each other. Ideally the two should meet to understand one another fully.


Our experience shows that despite interest in a prospective partner, each side is shy of taking the initiative. While we are there to bridge any communication gap, nothing like direct communication between the interested parties.
Who takes the initiative is also important. As far as possible, the prospective Bride/Bridegroom should take initiative. Many a time we find that parents are more involved than the concerned prospective partners. The end result in such cases is either very slow or negative. While most positive results are found when the prospective partners are actively engaged in the process, leading to their marriage.

5.Life Style

Some lead a simple lifestyle while a few others are flamboyant. From the profile, it is sometimes difficult to guess the life style of prospective partner. Only upon getting to know each other more through communication & meetings can one clearly know whether the alliance will click or not.

To summarize, all five parameters listed above can help the prospective Brides & Grooms to reach their destination of happy married life


Suresh Rao


We are pleased to announce the following improvements and changes to be made to our website.

1. From June 1, 2018 there will be a new feature on our Meetmatch Website. Every day one profile each of a bride and a groom will be featured on our homepage. The profiles chosen will be among those who have logged in on our website that day.

2. The same profiles will also be posted on the Facebook page of Meetmatch.

3. The FREE Meetmatch membership will be available only till June 30, 2018.

4. The existing FREE members will continue till they complete their membership period of 6 months.

5. The purpose of Free membership was to help prospective members to check out for their suitable matches on our website before registration.

6. Now anyone visiting the website can check for suitable matches through search given on our homepage at

7. From July 1, 2018, all members will be given the same services and fees will be equal for all.

8. Since all members will be paying through authorized banks or Credit cards only, there will no longer be a need to furnish any Photo Ids.


Suresh Rao


My wife Vrinda Rao has devoted 19+ years for matchmaking. During the current milestone of 20th year, we have listed "Frequently Asked Questions"(FAQ) below, as a sort of a guide to all prospective Brides & Grooms, who are new to this website.

Q1.There are many matrimoial websites. Why do you think singles should register on your website,

Ans:There are 3 main reasons why singles should choose to register with,which are:
i)19+ years of experience in online as well as offline match making
ii) Hundreds of happily married couples who met on MeetMatch
iii) Most of the profiles are of singles from educated & cultured background

Q2.Is Meetmatch only for Saraswat Community?

Ans: Not necessarily. Founders of Meetmatch belong to the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin community, hence we have more members of CSBs, GSBs and other Saraswats. In fact quite a number of Meetmatch members have parents who themselves had inter-caste marriages and hence are open to all communities.

Q3.How many matches do you have for me?

Ans. We suggest that you search on as a guest without login before deciding to add your profile.

Q4.Can I see photos of Members on Meetmatch?

Ans: Yes. Once you become a Member of Meetmatch (Even a FREE member), you can see all the displayed profiles and photos.

Q5.How can I get more info & contact details of my shortlisted matches?

Ans: As a Paid member you will have a privilage to receive contact details of your matches through email by clicking on a given link.

Q6.Can you suggest matches?

Ans: Yes, this service is also for the paid members. If you are too busy, we will do the needful as per your request.

Q7.How do you ensure that Members are genuine?

Ans: We only accept payment through reputed banks or Credit Cards. Free members have to send us copies of their photo Ids.

Q8. How do you protect privacy of your Members?

Ans: We do not display names and contact details. The profiles with photos are only visible to other members. We allow Members to hide their profiles or photos.

Q9.Do you cater to all ages

Yes. Our matchmaking service is for all ages. In fact we provide free full personalized service to those who are 50 & above.

Q10.Do you provide matchmaking service only in USA?

Ans: Thanks to the Internet, our service is for all Indians worldwide in all countries.

If you have more questions, please fill and submit our Feedback form .

Suresh Rao


If you are 50+, Single and looking for a life-partner as a companion, how will Meetmatch be of help?
In the following 3 ways.

1. Our Understanding of your needs

We can relate to the problems of Seniors. As we advance in age, companionship becomes one of the most important necessities of life.

2. Your Privacy:

On Meetmatch website member's privacy is fully protected. They have an option to hide their profiles and only see other member's profiles.

3. Assisting in Matchmaking

After becoming Free Members you can identify as to who could be your ideal Companion to spend rest of your life with. You may directly contact them if you wish. Many among you may be inhibited, which is absolutely understandable. So how to take the next step? We are there to mediate on your behalf without disclosing your identity.

So, we suggest more & more Seniors who are Single to come forward & become Free Members. Find your significant other, for companionship in your Sunset years.

To other blog readers-
Many a time, lot of people are not aware of the availability of Meetmatch services for the Senior Singles. So, it is our humble request to you all to spread a word about this additional service of for the benefit of Young-At-Heart seniors. Let us all make this world a better place to spread Love and Joy.

Thank you.

Suresh Rao


Destination: Finding a perfect match

Becoming a Member of meetmatch is like embarking on a train journey. Why? When you enter a train, there are already people present. Some will leave when they reach their destination of finding their life-partner & some others will join.
Why do prospective Brides & Grooms come to us? For 3 reasons.

Our Honesty:

Let me explain. When anybody approaches us for paid Membership, we advise them to be a ”Free Member” & see if they have suitable matches. Only if they find prospective matches, we welcome them as paid Members, after they have made a conscious choice. So, our core value is honesty.

Member’s Safety:

We do the due diligence by verifying every member’s credentials. Why? We feel responsible & accountable. Only after credentials are verified, we give Memberships. Consequently, the safety of every member is ensured.

Top Class Service:

We personally go through each profile & help Members to identify their ideal partners and also render whatever assistance they may need like introductions, because, some of the Members are shy for taking initiatives, especially the brides & a few grooms as well. In such cases, Mrs. Vrinda Rao, who started a little over 19 years ago, will be more than happy to be of help.

So, embark on a journey with Meetmatch to reach your destination of happiness, by identifying your perfect match to settle in life!

Suresh Rao