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One of the oldest matrimonial websites which was started by Vrinda Rao in 1999. Has been continuously serving the Saraswat and other Indian brides and grooms in Matchmaking.
We also have USA born, Indian Brides and Grooms.

There is complete privacy. Display of member's photo is only allowed to other members of Meetmatch.com .
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We have not kept a record of all the matches that happened through Meetmatch, giving below some of the email messages we could dig out from all the 'Good News' messages received in the past 19 years of our personalized service. The joy we derive from reading these makes our work and lives seem worthwhile.

Respected Vrinda Rao, My daughter is getting engaged at Bangalore. This has taken place through your Meetmatch.com. We all are very grateful to you. A Million Thanks to you - Ms J Harwathe

Dear Vrinda Rao, I would like to thank you personally as my son has found his life-partner, thanks to your website. -Ms C Kadle

Dear Vrinda, Trust this finds you in good health and cheer. We are very very happy to inform you that our daughter Teja is engaged to Varun. This happened through meetmatch.com. - Ms L Amladi

Dear Vrinda Rao, With your kind blessings and good wishes, I would like to inform you that my marriage alliance has been confirmed with Ms. A Ulpe of Mumbai. Our families are grateful to you for the services of MeetMatch.com which was the source of this alliance. Once the engagement and wedding dates are finalised we shall inform you of the same. Hope you can visit India and attend the celebrations. - Mr A Kabad

Dear Mrs Vrinda Rao, We are pleased to inform that our daughter Aarti is now engaged thanks to Meetmatch.com. Requesting you to withdraw her profile from the site. Thanks & Regards, -Mr A Karnad

Dear Mrs Vrinda Rao, we are happy to inform you that Gouri and I have decided to get engaged. Thank you for all your help and co-operation. Seeking your blessings as well. Yours sincerely - Mr Siddhartha R

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Today's Featured Bride

Bride,30 Years, Height 68.5, M.S. Electrical, Completed M.S.(Electrical) from University of Florida in 2018. B.E.(Electrical) from Tasgaonkar College of Engineering - Mumbai University. Currently employed with a private company as a design engineer in Virginia. , Never Married, from USA

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Groom 33 Years, Height 71", PostGraduate, Tata Consultancy Services/Pune, B.Com(Honors), MBA in HR , Never Married, from India Looking For: Preferably working